22yr old DC area native and current resident. Always happy to meet other artists on tumblr, so AMA and don't be shy! This is all my original artwork (unless otherwise noted) so please don't jack it. Lots NSFW stuff in the drawings so be forewarned.

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HEY EVERYBODY. THIS BOOK LOOKS AWESOME AND WE ARE OFF TO THE GODDAM RACES. Physical proofs approved. 152 pages of absolute radness. Holy moly!

Preorder Irene 4, ya dumkopfs!

I see my drawings flash up and I’m all like *gasp*- can’t wait to get my copies!

Completed my first-ever etching. I LOVE ETCHING.

Irene is an anthology of comics and artwork. I’ll be featured in the upcoming spring issue, which debuts at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival May 10th. Yippee-yay! Check out their blog to find some cool comic artists on tumblr.

another set of blocks in progress for the book.

practicing with my least favorite color combination.

All linocuts from fall 13

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